Phillip Elden Enjoys Mountain-Climbing Expeditions With His Weimaraner

Phillip EldenPhillip Elden, an avid outdoorsmen and mountain climber from Oregon, has found a trusted friend to join him on his journeys through the Cascades Range: his 6-year-old Weimaraner, Jeff.

Q: Why are Weimaraners such beloved pets?

Phillip Elden: A German breed, Weimaraners are high endurance, extremely active, and enjoy being outside regularly. Once known as Weimer Pointers, their descent is traced from Bloodhounds. Weimaraners were originally used to hunt bear, deer and wolves.

Q: How did you first decide to adopt a Weimaraner?

Phillip Elden: There is a volunteer Weimaraner rescue group run by a network of Oregonians who take on these dogs as foster pets. A foster Weim ended up near our hometown of Eugene, Oregon, so the whole process was convenient. Jeff fits our lifestyle well and is a perfect hiking companion.

Q: What is Jeff’s story?

Phillip Elden: Jeff was just a year old at the time of his adoption. Sadly, he’d been abandoned and found tied to a tree before his rescue. Despite his thin and awkward frame, he possessed an abundant spirit.

Q: What’s the story behind Jeff’s name?

Phillip Elden: Before Jeff’s adoption, I had just completed a climb of Mt. Jefferson. It was easy to imagine Jeff hiking right alongside me. His favorite areas appear to be Eagle Creek and Columbia Gorge. Both of these areas are extremely mossy, and he likes to eat and lick the wet moss. It’s very cute.

Q: What are the emotional attributes of a Weimaraner for those considering adoption?

Phillip Elden: The Weimaraner is intelligent, affectionate and cheerful. However, without proper exercise, this breed can be incredibly rambunctious and hard to control.

Phillip Elden aims to reach the peak of Mt. Rainier in 2014, with the eventual goal of climbing every glacial peak in the Cascade Range. Sadly, Jeff’s lack of mobility on ice and snow will prevent him from making the trip.