Phillip Elden | Spring Is Almost Here

Phillip EldenAlthough temperatures remain frigid, spring really is around the corner, says Phillip Elden. And there are many sites to see as the lower elevations prepare to kick winter to the curb. But don’t worry, there’s usually plenty of skiing available for those with a slope addiction.

According to Phillip Elden, early March is when the buds start to bloom. You might find cherry blossoms in pinks and purples and tulips in hues of red and yellow. Flowers are one of the most beautiful aspects of the landscape during the mild months.

If you are more interested in cultural and arts and crafts festivals, there are plenty of those throughout Oregon as well. The Northwest Cherry Festival happens in April while a few weeks earlier you’ll find something unique at the Yachats arts and crafts fair. Those who enjoy birding can join Phillip Elden during many of the spring bird festivals.

Phillip Elden explains, however, that despite temperatures warming, the weather in Oregon is a fickle beast at best. Days may be 60° and sunny with nights dipping down below freezing. If you’re planning to come to the area, Phillip Elden also recommends flying and picking an area where you can walk to the attractions you’d like to see. He knows that an influx of visitors can cause traffic congestion even during the week.

Something Phillip Elden likes to remind novice visitors is that Oregon kindly asks that everyone adopt a leave no trace policy when visiting natural areas. He explains that this means to go, enjoy it, and revel the wonder of the land, but leave nothing behind that would tell the next visitor that you were there. He cautions that things like cigarette butts and cans not only pollute the terrain but can cause serious health problems for the local flora and fauna.